Life of Petra Exton: Joe Wilkinson’s Significant Other.

It seems like only yesterday when the famous English comedian Joe Wilkinson secretly got married to his girlfriend, Petra Exton.

But that was in 2015, almost four years ago.

In an interview, Joe Wilkinson actually mentioned his wedding day, saying, “I got married to Petra at Brighton Town Hall at the end of July. We then had a fairly low-key do in Cooksbridge. We were very lucky as that was outside and it turned out to be a lovely sunny day.”

Well, that sounds nice and all, but we definitely need more details, right?

Like, how did they meet? What’s their story?

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Joe and Petra’s story.

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Turns out, Joe and Petra got acquainted all the way back in 2011 after meeting at a party through mutual friends. And since they were both living in Brighton at the time, they eventually started dating and kept a steady courtship going that ended up with the famous comedian popping the question to his beloved girlfriend.

And this leads us to the next obvious question.

Who exactly is Petra Exton?

Well, Petra seems to keep her private life and intimate details under wraps for the most part. So, not much information is available online about her childhood or her family life.

But, here is what we do know.

Petra Exton is a creative photographer, with an instagram account filled with delightful pictures of landscapes and other beautiful shots to prove her love of photography.

She reportedly got her professional training in photography from London College of Communication in 2010.

She also happens to be a self-trained interior decorator, and often meshes it with her love for photography in the form of lifestyle photographs. Even her instagram bio reads ‘Image maker’, ‘Interior Style’, and ‘Vintage Home Lover’.

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