Coronavirus infection medical advocates for education without distance rules ahead of the summer holidays

"This is better than to start without a test phase of a new school year "

Infectious medical advocates for education without distance rules ahead of the summer holidays

30. May 2020 – 12:50 PM

In schools reduced rule is currently operating

After schools were forced to close due to the Coronavirus pandemic for a few weeks, a slowly come back to normal. Currently, there are limited rule operation-to-follow distance – and hygiene rules, the exact procedure varies from state to state. The re-introduction of school instruction without the clearance rules in the Corona, with the crisis in the view of the Kiel infection physician Helmut cher fuck just before the summer holidays is a good time.

Small class groups could be well separated from each other

"The successful containment of the Virus makes this feasible and it is possible to collect in the few weeks leading up to the holiday experiences in situations of risk countermeasures, and has the long holidays as a time safety buffer" fuck cher, the German press Agency said . "This is better than to start after the holidays without such testing phase of a new school year without the spacing rules and then may be in difficult situations ." In addition, the small class groups could be well separated from each other, said fuck cher. He is the Director of the Institute for infection medicine, University hospital Schleswig-Holstein, and President of the German Association for the control of virus diseases.

So far only little evidence that of children, great risk of Infection posed

Since the study of his Berlin colleague Christian Drosten of the Charité was clear that children make the Corona of infection, and these viruses are set free, said fuck cher. "But there is little documented evidence that children of large contagion risks in the case of this Virus out." It is to be assessed, therefore, difficult to what the risks were, exactly, in contacts of children with the elderly or other at-risk persons .

To start with, the rapidly-spreading pandemic, it was the correct one , "be as careful as possible to be", the expert said. But given the current Situation of Holstein with the low Numbers of new infections is no longer in Schleswig-so easy to apply. It is now to the consideration of the proportionality of restrictions and risks. "We have seen in the past few weeks, a whole lot of loosening and are so far surprisingly well."

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