Corona the check So Germany thinks about existential angst

RTL after traveling for a week through Germany and hooks

Corona-Check: German between existential anxiety and "Sleeves-high-mentality"

27. May 2020 – At 18:50

Nele Balgo

Corona – this is no longer just a health issue: Many Germans are in short-time work and have to ride with a loss of Income for their living. This means in many cases pure existential angst. A week of travel, our Reporter Stephan Richter and our reporter Janine Bleker across Germany – in search of personal experiences, Concerns, and future prospects of the people. They deal with different topics. In Flensburg and St. Peter-Ording, you spoke with stakeholders on the topics of leisure time and holiday in the Corona-crisis. The consequences of the Virus for the education of children was the topic in lower Saxony and Bremen.

It continues in the East of the country with the theme: existence of fears of the citizens.

In particular, the travel industry meet the limitations due to the pandemic of hard. Currently a worldwide travel warning. From the age of 15. June could be lifted for 31 European countries. The Federal government is in a key issues paper, which will be presented to the Cabinet and the dpa is in view. Many travel agencies, but it is already bad.

The travel office must return the sales from the last few months

For Siamar Reisen in Leipzig are up on the apprentices and the accountant, all of the employees in short-time work. Only in the past year has expanded the company geographically, and a large travel Agency opened in the city of . "Now, two months to close up, it breaks my heart", managing Director Michael Riebel reported. Economically, it was a "Full catastrophe" for his business. "There are so many industries that are affected, and virtually zero revenue. In the area of travel Agency is that we have to give to the revenue that we generate added revenue that we have generated in the last six months, because of the cancelled trip will not be reimbursed by the organizers ", Riebel says. For his company it matters now is to survive the next few weeks somehow .

To be optimistic about the future, with a view on the finances at the moment still difficult. Because the calculations of the Leipzig entrepreneur to show that his business will only be in 2022 at the same level as in the year 2019. Franziska Martin is a trainer at Siamar Reisen. "For me, it’s not so bad, I’m still relatively a lot here with 20 hours in the week. Therefore, it is of some colleagues much worse than me." She is confident that it will continue. As the majority of the working population in Germany. 64 percent in the face of the Corona-crisis Worry about your own workplace, a quarter, by contrast, has "a bit of a Worry". The results of an RTL show-Forsa-survey.

But not all of the purchase your life in the Corona can Finance make the crisis easily. Alexander Klaus is a member of the Leipzig travel agencies. He is currently in need of an additional source of revenue. How he supplements his purses, you will see in our Video.

Tour operators: recovery of the economy should have come earlier

Basically, tour operators, Michael Riebel is in favour of the protection measures taken by the government. Nevertheless, he would have been a stronger the government desired. "The danger was from the beginning, that is the way it is in Italy. However, it was very quickly apparent that this danger will not be so dramatic. And I would have liked the easing and the resumption of economic life is simply more ", he explained .

Dance teacher: the Financial situation is "close to Brenz Lich"

The had hoped for, also a dance Studio owner Bianka findeisen. Instead of giving dance lessons, she has then on the sale of stylish protective masks as accessory for women changed. "That was more or less a desperate act", she explains her new business idea. Your dance Studio stand still for weeks on end. "It is actually my whole existence is in here", the dance teacher reported. So she could Finance her Studio during the closure, has requested financial support . "This has kept me, at least for the first few weeks on the water ", the 40-says-Year-old. But now it must go on as before the crisis, so that your dance Studio have a future .

Your financial Situation "close to Brenz Lich", she says. Two years ago, she opened up her Studio last year was good, this year, the big breakthrough was to come. But then Corona came. Since a few days back dance couples be allowed to come and her courses, subject to conditions visit. How long will it now take to creating your breakthrough in fact, this is probably the Coronavirus-dependent.

TV NOW documentary: Zero hour – race with the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus keeps Germany and the Rest of the world. How could it come to the rapid spread and what is the breakout for our day? Why scientists have already warned long before the outbreak before the Virus, you will learn in the TVNOW-documentary "Zero hour – race with the Coronavirus".

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