Charlotte Roche your Arte documentary about SexRituale starts today

Charlotte Roche: In an Interview about love rituals and Sex fantasies

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  • 28.08.2019

When Charlotte is talking to Roche about love and Sex, to hear just, for example, in your Podcast "Few diologie". 28. August starts your Arte-documentary series "Love Ritual", it is the craziest love rituals of the world on the track – GALA questioned .

One thinks of Charlotte Roche, 41, a well-to-automatically topics such as Sex, body fluids and Penis injuries caused by vacuum cleaners in the head. Some of your first novel "Wetlands" read are more likely to have terms such as "Bead trunk" (Clitoris) or "Sex-Keepsakes-Chewy Candy" (Sperm) come up with.

Because Yes, by Charlotte Roche, it’s not about music (she presented from 1998 onwards, the VIVA music channel "Fast Forward"), but of all the areas of the body for arousal, and earthquake relief. From sex-positive feminists, and Fans of "sick books" – how to get your novel, incidentally, has referred to be celebrated, not got the native Londoner, but of all only applause.

No matter, Charlotte knows no shame (at least not in their books or in talk shows), and continues to be for the liberation of the female sexuality and body hygiene in Public on the road. For some weeks she speaks together with her husband Martin Keß about your marital problems, the scandal when their affair was blown and the desire for an open relationship. It is called "Few diologie", a 15-piece Spotify is a Podcast and plays in front of the ears of the world public .

Add to this a six-part ARTE series with the title "Love Ritual", for the Charlotte in six countries traveled to the culture and love to explore the rituals, and the on 28. August starts.

GALA had the privilege of interviewing the presenter, which continued in spite of a busy press day is no time limit for the interview in advance by phone and had an extremely likeable, funny, and surprisingly, it shamed Charlotte Roche.

Charlotte Roche: The love rituals on the track

Gala: you were "Love Ritual" in six countries, to explore love rituals. Quite a large project, or?

Charlotte Roche: Oh, Yes, we shot for three years. Something So Complex I never made. Except, perhaps, to raise a child (laughs).

If you look at the first episode in Japan, where the Kanamara-Matsuri (dt. "Festival of the steel Penis") visit, also you in some Situation, very ashamed. This is likely to surprise some viewers .

I always notice that a lot of people judge me in this topic totally wrong. Because of my books, many draw the conclusion that I was shameless. In fact the opposite is the case. I’m ashamed of myself often, and a lot of things, for one should not be ashamed of actually. I’m very bashfully brought up – my mother and grandmother have told me, for example, how unfeminine it is to go to the toilet. Against this sense of shame for normal, human things I have to fight. I write me the shame of the soul. You can resolve shame by writing about it .

Charlotte Roche in "Kanamara-Matsuri" in Japan

Charlotte Roche in "Kanamara-Matsuri" in Japan

What Ritual was for the most bizarre during the trip? The Penis is far above with this?

From the Ashamed of the Penis was definitely ahead of its time. That was just so absurd, because real priests and monks with these oversized penises through the streets moved and the completely seriously meant .

In Kenya, a dowry is to be held-ceremony

In Kenya, a dowry is to be held-ceremony

Really crazy, I also found the dowry ceremony in Kenya. Since the two families of the spouses come together and negotiate before the wedding about the whole life of the two – to the moment in which you die. How many goats and cows have to pay the groom’s family, for example, the family of the bride, when a child is born? This dowry ceremony is as big as the wedding itself and lasts for hours. That was very exciting.

There is a Ritual that has a lasting impression and have you brought, maybe, also for your private life to Germany? So, of course, not the Penis or the dowry ceremony .

No, the not (laughs) . But we shot in New Orleans, a very creepy episode, the Voodoo has played a huge role. This love ritual to summon a female spirit, and dances himself into a Trance. I have a Voodoo priestess, met, gave me two figures. This has touched me so deeply that I have kept these figures and now in my Cabinet stocked. I am not esoteric, but I can’t throw away Yes, otherwise you will be followed at the end. Who dares already, something to throw away what you have from a Voodoo priestess to get ?

Charlotte Roche traveled for a Voodoo Ritual to New Orleans

Charlotte Roche traveled for a Voodoo Ritual to New Orleans

Creativity and fantasies in marriage

How important is creativity in love is to them personally, especially after twelve years of marriage?

Which is very important, both in love and in sexuality. This is the great challenge in a long relationship – that it remains for the Partner interesting, humane, but also sexually. Many couples try, with time, more and more, because the Sex is boring. When my husband Martin and me, but it was Vice versa. We have tried a lot in the beginning and then more and more to be.

I am, however, very difficult to formulate fantasies or dreams. When Martin asks what I would like to try, I’m paralyzed totally and can no longer speak. This would not, of course, to be expected now and again, the most people from me. But when I write novels, that’s different. When I write about Sex, can I find words for something that is in me without saying a word .

If I may ask, what are the fantasies you find rather than a turn-on?

I have a total aversion to fairings and so "Fifty Shades of Grey"-Sado-Maso Costumes. But also role-playing games, where you disguise yourself as a Stewardess or something. Then I feel like I’m in the Cologne carnival and have to laugh all the time. Also in the case of Sex positions a book through gymnastics, not mine. "The flying duck" or "The singing Nightingale" – I laugh me broken. Changing positions is good, but only if you don’t have a name .

Private relationship insights in "Few diologie"

In Your Podcast "Few diologie" are also broaches the issue of sexual compromise. You do to things you will not find actually that great ?

When me and Martin was there at the beginning of our relationship, a lot of compromises. I’ve been through a lot for him – not against my will, but I was so overly in Martin falls in love and him almost in thrall. I’ve been through in my excessive love of zeal in everything and his every desire from the eyes to read. It is not to blame here. I’m just so convincing that he had to think, I was a huge Fan of it.
Only later I realized that much is nothing for me, and then I could tell him that too .

Charlotte Roche and her husband, Martin Keß

Charlotte Roche and her husband, Martin Keß

Through the Podcast, you can listen to Martin now, but still do not see. This is still important?

Eventually, of course, will be in appearance no longer have to hide. We will do a Live Podcast in front of an audience and then you can’t take away the people of their mobile phones. So we know that it is coming sometime. But to it get used to the Podcast for Martin is quite good.

Already many offers will certainly. Even though these photos, to which Martin holds something in front of his face, very funny .

Now even our friends no longer know how Martin looks (laughs). When I facetime with a friend and schwenke then Martin, he always makes a joke just in front of his face.

You said before the Start of the podcast that your goal is to get through the Podcast is an open relationship. How far this Plan is after five episodes? Clarified the issue between them ?

Clearly no, it is not at all clarified nothing. I have put in the penultimate episode open, as often I am already cheated. Currently we are "Hold Back". We have to go with this topic, something to think about, feel, and sort new to us.

Only now, when we record the Podcast, we notice that we have a completely different idea of an open relationship. It is no use, if you decide as a Couple to have an open relationship, you have to define in advance exactly and the rules clear. An open relationship does not automatically mean anarchy. There are of course things, which may reject the Partner, such as, for example, that you bring new people into your own home. You have to clarify the question of which situations, the other as a threat to the marriage feels and that is sometimes really complicated.

Daughter, Polly, is Model

A taboo in the Podcast, the children are. Their daughter, Polly, but now more and more in Public and on Instagram. If you look at your photos there, one gets the impression, you want to be a Model .

Yes, she’s modeling. It is in the model Agency "Le Management" in Hamburg, Germany. I support you in all you do .

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