Broken heart syndrome Can die from grief?

Diagnosis broken heart: Broken Heart syndrome: Can you die of grief, and ?

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  • 16.12.2019

Our heart can endure a lot – but not everything. How strong emotions can affect our love organ, makes us the so-called Broken-Heart syndrome in a tragic way. Why the disease often goes undetected, and the extent to which too much happiness can make you ill, you can learn at GALA.

Broken-Heart syndrome: Our heart may break with grief, but it actually changes its shape

Broken-Heart syndrome: Our heart may break with grief, but it actually changes its shape

A 59-year-old woman doesn’t open the door. In front of her, her 32-year-old son, you see, after years of radio silence for the first Time again. In the Arm of the young man is holding his three year old daughter. Too much for the mother, who is not only her long-lost son again, but on this way also at the same time learns that she became a grandmother .

With shortness of breath, chest pain and a feeling of tightness in the chest delivers the woman to the hospital. The suspected diagnosis of a heart attack is. However, the investigation is of a blocked coronary vessel, such as during a heart attack is common, is far and wide nothing to see. Instead, quite another to think of something that: a change in the shape of a heart. The Doctors had to rely initially on infarct symptoms, but need to correct at the end of the wrong diagnosis. Because instead of a heart attack, which is Patient on the Broken-Heart syndrome ill.

What is the Broken is-Heart-syndrome?

The Broken-Heart syndrome is a heart muscle disease , when the heart assumes a modified Form. The syndrome is referred to in the jargon as a Tako-Tsubo-cardiomyopathy. The name of the Japanese Doctors, the case of the changes in the shape of a heart on a Japanese squid awards ("Tako-Tsubo“) reminded of.

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Your recipe against Lovesickness

The Broken-Heart syndrome can torque as a result of great emotional Stress incurred medical professionals, therefore, speak of the so-called stress cardiomyopathy. An extraordinary emotional strain can be, for example, a separation, a death or a cancer diagnosis. But also an extreme feeling of happiness – for example, by a surprise party, a wedding or the birth of a grandson – may be for the Broken-Heart syndrome. Scientists assume that both emotions Railways joint nerves in the Central nervous system to activate, the damage to the heart muscle .

Most likely the symptoms of heart disease with a heart attack compare. Even the laboratory values and ECG evaluations in the first Moment a heart attack suspect. Although in fact the Broken-Heart-is syndrome behind it. Accordingly, most diagnoses are.

Broken-Heart syndrome or heart attack – where is the difference?

The Symptoms of Broken-Heart syndrome usually occur immediately after emotional stress and are similar to those of an acute heart attack. This can be:

  • A feeling of tightness in the chest
  • Massive Shortness Of Breath
  • Chest pain that may radiate into the Arm, back, shoulders or jaw
  • Upper abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Heart palpitations
  • Sweats

Difference to a heart attack

The difference to a heart attack is in the Detail. The heart attack the coronary arteries are narrowed, and the Broken-Heart syndrome. It comes to a paralysis of the heart muscle. For this reason, the left ventricle is not working properly.

What happens when Broken-Heart-syndrome?

Strong emotions lead to an excessive release of the stress hormone adrenaline. The doctors believe that the stress hormones can cause damage to the heart muscle soak and muscle cells of the heart, which disrupts the pumping work of the heart. The left ventricle is no longer working properly. In the upper region, the outflow tract is narrowed. The heart muscle is paralyzed. As a result puffs up the heart muscle in the lower area at the top like a balloon. With the so-called chest x-ray, the change can be observed and the Diagnosis Of Broken Heart Syndrome be made .

Broken-Heart syndrome: Who is affected?

Women are affected by Broken-Heart syndrome more often than men (90 percent of those Affected are women), older more than younger. This is mainly due to the fact that women with increasing age and the associated declining Estrogen levels are more susceptible to stress hormones. Women in menopause are especially at risk. After all, 12 percent of patients are under 50.

Can you die from a broken heart ?

Extremely stressful situations, such as, for example, an unexpected breakup or the sudden death of a close person are not harmless at all. For the heart of this emotional Stress is a nasty condition that can result in almost 20 percent of the cases, complications. This can be a heart arrhythmia, a fibrillation, or a shock. Even if the probability of a Broken-Heart-die syndrome , only two to three percent is – harmless this heart is suffering, not.

What syndrome do with a Broken-Heart?

A Broken Heart is diagnosed syndrome, is treated in the hospital and you can’t do anything. In mild cases of heart pain, it is primarily important to accept the pain, the sadness, to accept and not to displace it. Some people it helps to curl up in bed, to snacking with a sad movie, or favorite music, ice cream, or chocolate and feeling sorry for yourself. Others distraction need from the outside, be around people, take a short trip or doing sports. Everyone must find his own way. It is only important, if it doesn’t want to go after a few months, still uphill, it is advisable to seek professional help .

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