Birgit Schrowange is in a new book, “Birgit stark,” financial tips for women to invest

Financial tips for women “Birgit unvarnished life learned”

Birgit Schrowange the financial Benefits: “women, saves! And, above all, saves wisely and correctly!“

04. April 2020 – 12:28 PM

Women need financial independence

"Poverty in old age is female", Birgit Schrowange writes in her new book "Birgit unvarnished life learned"*. Because men tend to earn more money and full-time work, while women take care of the children, work part-time and lower income in purchasing, it can be for women at the latest in the retirement age is to be a huge Problem .

The more important it is that they, too, provisions, clever, and as early as possible, financial independence, work, stresses the former RTL-presenter: "Women, saves! And, above all, saves wisely and correctly!" How wife makes the best, and Birgit Schrowange in her new book, in a very concrete tips.

Women often face a massive old-age poverty

Until 50 years ago it was quite normal that women have not taken financial topics in a simple and easy into your own hands. And even today, young women are often the financial responsibility for yourself as soon as you have a husband and family, writes Schrowange. In your opinion, the fatal is: "According to forecasts, could be expected in the 2030s to the 75 percent of today’s 30 – to 50-year-old women with a pension of just 400 euros ." Not even enough to be able to Basic such as food and rent to pay. Women, in particular, a massive old-age poverty threatens often so .

Birgit Schrowange: women, investing in ETFs!

For them, it is therefore as important as it is never a financial cushion. But it is easy on the Bank as a savings account, does not work any more, because it is there because of Inflation, worth less and less. Instead, you have to wisely invest, to multiply it, how Schrowange emphasized: "There is no Alternative than to invest." It recommends clearly shares – and not a single stock, but so-called ETFs. In this you can invest already, if you have monthly only a small amount of money to Save available .

“Women, invest your money, how much and how little so ever!”

Birgit Schrowange comes from a poor background, lived but even as a young woman, is consistently economical, and has early started to work hard on their financial independence. Since your 17. Age has placed consistently back ten percent of their income. To bury something, she advises every woman – just like the erroneous belief that money was a matter for men. Women need to protect themselves from ignorance and dependency on their husbands and not only their lives but also their retirement savings into their own hands. In her book she reveals how the best .

The most important financial tips for women

  • Overview of the financial Situation

No matter whether you are Single or in the family, women are the revenue and expenditure should be familiar with carefully and so old-fashioned it sounds – a budgetary accounting system, in order to get an Overview of all the costs. So it makes the variable cost-conscious, where the savings potential is particularly large .

  • Every month save

Also, lower-income, ten percent of salary is a good Benchmark. This one attaches directly to the content input to the page. Savings potential in everyday life through methods such as the coins-Save or the envelope method. Also, check regularly their contracts – often in the case of electricity providers, insurance and mobile phone contract, but also potential savings.

  • Mindfully consume

Because of the many small, variable expenses of the month läppern the end quite nice, you should observe the consumption behavior and the things to remember that you really need. Who saves daily, the money for the Coffee-to-go, and the sandwiches from the bakery and the Breakfast of home brings, in sum a whole lot less. Also in the case of a salary increase, the Extra should not flow of money in additional luxury, but at least half can be saved out of it. So the amount you on a monthly basis and invest can rise quickly .

  • Financial intelligence schools

The Knowledge of Finance you can acquire – now very easy through Blogs, Apps and Social Media. Birgit Schrowange recommends here about the financial side "Madame Moneypenny" Natascha Wegelin, which offers women a large collection of tips and pulses, and financial Apps such as "Smart money", where there are free a lot of basic knowledge for beginners. Because to be truly independent is financial intelligence is necessary and also makes sense: according to Several studies, women invest less than men, but successful. On the stock exchange, you are often better investors, because they consider their decisions thoroughly, not to overestimate and not reckless risks.

  • Money invest wisely

Women should not be Shy about, to invest their money instead of leaving it in the savings book, where it is not propagated. Best ETF index funds (Exchanged Traded Funds) that combine different global stocks are suitable. With these you invest in individual companies in all the markets, all of which diffuses the risk and thus enormously reduced. In such a share savings plan you can also invest with little money – 25 euros a month enough already .

And how do I invest my money successfully?

When Investing it is important to act responsibly and to be well informed. Don’t buy anything you don’t understand! A get opinions on independent portals, and don’t be too trusting to Bank consultants. When you Invest on the stock exchange in addition to costs and fees and read the small print to avoid hidden cost surprises. Some banks and Online brokers offer a free account management .

In addition, Keep a cool head! You assume in your investments. That shares rise and fall is quite normal and not a reason to panic. In the case of ETFs, it is usually already not bad, if the stock of a company goes in the basement, because the other company of the Fund may provide for the compensation. You will develop a well-thought-out strategy, the follow – always with the question in the Background, what to invest, you are in the period of time ready .

Birgit Schrowange looks back in her new book on her career

For more tips and advice on the financial Provision for women Birgit Schrowange in her new book "Birgit unvarnished life learned"* 🛒. The former RTL presenter looks back on 40 years in front of the camera and gives a deep insight into your life. Among other things, she tells for the first Time, the whole romantic love story with her fiance Frank.

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