Aylin Tezel

Aylin Tezel is mainly due to its role as a "The scene of the crime"-Commissioner "Nora Dalay" known. But the actress manages international projects .

Aylin Tezel

  • Born 29. November 1983 In Bünde, North Rhine-Westphalia
  • First Name Aylin
  • Name Tezel
  • Years 36
  • Size 1.66 m
  • Zodiac Sagittarius

Not everyone knows that

Aylin Tezel is suffering from latent fear of flying: "If it was really bad, I just take more often the train. And on the plane with a combination of strength and concentration is trying to distract me. ‘ve read, or tried to, before starting to fall asleep. So I’ve done it with my own technique, to defeat my fear. But I’m not comfortable if I don’t take the ground from under the feet of I."

Aylin has been dancing since she was six years old and is practiced in the most diverse styles of dance – from classical ballet to Hip-Hop. Training as a dance teacher she has completed .

She was also the dance teacher of drama Mrs Karoline Herfurth in the common time at the Ernst Busch drama school in Berlin.

At the age of twelve years, the actress prefers to Reclam-theatre pieces to read through, rather than in the "Bravo" to browse. "Maybe that was the first Moment where you could say there’s Something wrong with the child. But I have actually read, these theater pieces by", you self-declared ironically.

How do you pronounce merely this surname ?? "Tezel. As Carnage", the response from Aylin is.

"Come on Eileen" of Dexys Midnight Runners, the actress feels as "your song", the s, there was found the "star" to listen to an Interview with Aylin out on your children’s birthdays .

"In my head, so many different thoughts, energies and emotions are that I block myself sometimes. (. ) I’m always looking for a better way to get energy somehow, in a structured framework in. That’s why I like my profession so much." And Sports. And Dancing. ("star")

As one of her favorite destinations, the actress called the lakes around Berlin.

Biography of Aylin Tezel

"I like to sit alone in cafes. The idea to be inconspicuous, I find scary", the actress and dancer Aylin Tezel said in an Interview. At the latest since the "The scene of the crime"-Success should belong to the idea of unobtrusiveness, however, in the past .

Dance instead of drama school

As the daughter of a German nurse and a Turkish doctor, Aylin Tezel grew up in Bielefeld and discovered early on her passion for Dance. In her youth, she also found her second passion: acting. Her path seemed clear. After graduation, she landed one of the rare places at the prestigious Ernst Busch drama school in Berlin, but had to notice that already after one and a half years, that was the theoretical training. As she got more role offers, she broke the look from the game training finally, it is with a heavy heart: "I learned there that I have longed for, for me personally it was too narrow-minded", they declared their former decision. Aylin turned instead to her other passion: dance. She finished her training as a dance teacher in Bielefeld and started to teach. By the way, you took its first steps as an actress.

Behind the nasty statements her husband

You will be impressed with the diversity

In the selection of her roles, the actress always pays attention to a colorful mixture. So she played in the movie "Almanya – Welcome to Germany" a unintentionally pregnant, German-Turkish woman, was the crime series "Bloch" to see as a suicide bomber, in twisted "Coming In" your gay hairdresser colleagues in the head and was in "Cinderella" from your fairy side is liable. But also serious roles of the versatile actress are good. In “The sky of the day" from the year 2012, she played a student who loses her unplanned child under tragic circumstances. For this performance she was awarded with several prices, among other things, she won the German actors award.

"The scene of the crime" TV screen

Since 2012, Aylin Tezel determined as the youngest Commissioner in the role of Nora Dalay in Dortmund "The scene of the crime" and harvest them for their performance, a lot of applause. The innovative Dortmund "The scene of the crime" with a lot of background story and development of characters seems to be for the actress, who is a great fan of American and Scandinavian series, to go in the right direction. Also, if you are faulted discouragement and quota-delusion of the German television landscape, it is at the end confident: In Germany “is still set on the tried-and-true, it lacks the courage. Rather nice, the rate back up. I would like to see a change in that it is also familiar to the audience. To get a fan base for new things, just needs time. And this energy you should invest. Because the we can also."

Aylin Tezel leaves the "The scene of the crime"

Aylin from the need to slowly, but surely "The scene of the crime" say good-bye. The actress announced to stay only until 2020, as Commissioner Nora Dalay it. The WDR emphasizes, it I have separated in friendship and Aylin themselves justified in their career that they wish for new tasks . "I had WDR is a really important and valuable time at the ‘crime scene’, and I and colleagues, Rick, Stefan, Jörg and Anna my very grateful for this wonderful shared journey. Now it is time for a change, and although I’m going to miss Nora Dalay certainly, I look forward to new artistic challenges.", Aylin Tezel explained in the notice of its withdrawal to.

Courage to Fail

Because in your chest two hearts beating, came Aylin Tezel 2013 the idea to make a Film about Dancing. The Film cost you, unfortunately, a lot of money, but even in such cases, the fighter remains optimistic: "If you always play it safe, then you won’t get far. If you make something New, then you can also get what is on the nose. But without the courage to take risks, you have no Chance to create new worlds ." Aylin Tezel can never get to you, and your Fans definitely will surprise you with exciting projects .

Your Private Life

Your private life is trying Aylin Tezel from the Public to stay out of this. She reveals that she likes it private rather quiet. Instead of looking at the houses, she meets her dear friends, cooking together or going to the cinema. Your Job is exciting enough, and you will be happy about every Minute that you spend with your family and friends to come to rest and recharge. This is a modest Star, according to our taste.

Movies and TV shows with Aylin Tezel (selection)

2011: "Almanya – Welcome to Germany"

2011: " SOKO Stuttgart" TV series (episode 2×19 " Sheet")

2011: " Bloch" TV series (episode 1×20 "Inshallah")

2011: "Cinderella" (TV movie)

2011: "Notruf Hafenkante" (Episode 5×10 " Hotel thieves")

2011: " Animals up to the roof" TV series (episode 2×03 "Riders pleasures")

since 2012: "The scene of the crime" (TV series)

2012: "Rhinos" (Short film)

2012: "3 Rooms/Kitchen/Bathroom"

2012: "In the sky of the day"

2013: "Dance with her" (Short film)

2013: "Doc meets Dorf" TV series (episode 1×07 "A patch still makes no scar")

2013: "Small Ships" (TV movie)

2014: "Coming In" 2014: "On the life!"

2015: "Debt to Ferdinand von Schirach" (TV-series episode 1×02 "Snow")

2015: "Lost in the Living"

2015: "Homeland" (Guest appearance in the US series, episode 5×04)

2017: "The Yellow Birds"

2017: X Company (TV Series, 6 Episodes)

2017: Between heaven and hell

2018: Liliane Susewind – An animal adventure

2018: The COP and the girl (TV movie)

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