Ashley Judd

Earlier Ashley Judd had nothing. Today an exciting career in a fast-paced family, and a fighter’s heart

Ashley Judd

  • Born 19. April 1968 , Los Angeles, California / USA
  • First Name Ashley Tyler
  • Name Ciminella
  • Fifty two
  • Size 1.7 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Partner Dario Franchitti (divorced in 2013) ; Matthew McConaughey (1996) ; Robert De Niro (1995) ; Jon Stewart (1992)

Not everyone knows that

After relationships with a number of celebrity colleagues is married to Ashley on 12.12.2001 in Scotland, and her fiancé, the IndieCar driver Dario Franchitti. With him she lived until the surprising announcement of their divorce in January 2013, alternately in Scotland and in the American of Tennessee.

In the same castle, in the Ashley Dario Franchitti married, had given a year before Madonna and Guy Ritchie, the Yes-word. Attention so: Did not work for both marriages as well .

From stressful situations to come down, bakes Ashley Judd often biscuits. She is also passionate about Yoga, loves to cook and garden work .

During the racing season of 2007, Ashley put on with the female driver Milka Duno and said: "I know this is not very sophisticated, but your car needs to be taken out of the race. It is too dangerous. If a car is ten miles per hour slower than the other, it is not appropriate to race. Too many lives are at stake."

A face made for a cosmetics company! The opinion were probably the PR people of Estée Lauder, the Ashley as the advertising face for your brand "American Beauty" dedicated.

Anyone who sees it today would never guess that Ashley was as a young girl in anything other than pretty. But the actress used to wear braces and suffered from acne. Today, this is the past, not without reason the magazine chose to "People" Ashley three times (1996, 2000, and 2002) in the list of "50 most beautiful people in the world".

In 1997, Ashley decided to be a vegetarian because a friend told her the meat, you would eat also the Fears of the animals. Your new setting is not to kill animals, prepared Ashley in pain, big belly, than in 2006 for the Film "Come Early Morning" Frogs had to impale .

Ashley in rejected at the beginning of the 90s a greater role "Kuffs" because the included some Nude scenes. Her mother had promised to shoot any scenes with too much violence and too little clothing. As in the movies "Marilyn – Her Life" and "Normal Life" however, the cases dropped, her conservative southern Fans on the barricades.

Ashley had left the University in the Belief that the need for the completion of a course. That this was not necessary, she learned only years later: "I just had to sign a piece of paper." Your diploma certificate and got the surprised Ashley 17 (!) Years later, in the "The Ellen Degeneres Show" the presenter presented.

Ashley is a huge sports fan, and sits regularly in the first row at the Games "Wildcats"-Basketball team of your former University. For the Film "Men circus" they even took some of the movements of the cheerleaders of the "Wildcats".

The luck of the earth is not always on the back of a horse: Ashley had to spend two days in the hospital after she fell on her Ranch in Tennessee from the saddle of your horse and the right ankle had broken .

Biography of Ashley Judd

As a child, Ashley Judd had it really not easily. Her father, a Marketing Analyst Michael Ciminella (as Ashley’s birth name), who left his family two years after the birth of his daughter. Mother, Naomi Judd, the older made in the ‘ 80s, along with Ashley’s half-sister Wynonna made a name as a Country singer, was the beginning of the 70s with odd jobs in California and home to Kentucky on the water. And so Ashley had to change in 13 years, twelve Times the school .

The money, the small family was so close that three women sometimes had no electricity, water or telephone. Ashley fled in books, and dreamed of the big screen. But it was not until the career of mother Naomi to the rolls came, it went for the pretty little girl forward.

In Wimbledon, he has the hat

As close to the stars – as a waitress

What seemed more impossible was the end of the 80s, of course, Ashley was able to visit the University of Kentucky, wrote for the main compartment French and was even able to study a Semester in Paris. Shortly before graduating, she left the University in order to learn in the renowned acting teacher Robert Carnegie . "I was always assured that I have Talent and a goal to ", Ashley says today about the support of your family.

"Real" Stars very close to Ashley was allowed to come to this point in time, but only as a waitress in the celebrity Restaurant "The Ivy" in Los Angeles.

Ashley in Hollywood a name

After Ashley had fished with a lot of perseverance, a agent, it represented in 1987 in two episodes of the series "Star Trek: The Next Generation" a Starfleet officer. The next step resulted in the series of the world, in "Sisters" Ashley had played for three years at the side of Swoosie Kurtz. For her first starring role in "Kuffs" (1992), she received good reviews, "Ruby in Paradise" a year later, became a Hit. From Oliver Stone’s "Natural Born Killers" it was, however, in the editing room removed.

In the course of the 90s and through numerous movies, Ashley has developed a well-known face, but only a series of thrillers such as " The Jury" (1996), "… for Kiss the girls" (1997) and "Double murder" (1999), allowed the breakthrough. For her role as Norma Jean in the Mini-series "Marilyn – Her Life" she was nominated in 1996 for an Emmy, her role as Linda Porter in "De-Lovely – The Cole Porter Story" on the side of Kevin Kline has been hailed by the critics .

Ashley Judd and her fighters heart

Ashley Judd is engaged and has a sharp eye for abuses. So is the Ambassador "Youth AIDS", an educational and prevention program that takes care of the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS. In addition, she advocates for the rights of animals, and travels in the Congo, to report on local grievances. A bit too much sunshine?

By no means. It is not committed without a reason, social and feminist: following a number of colleagues against the film producers Harvey Weinstein went, it was Ashley Judd immediately, because Because they did not follow up on his sexual advances, he should have your roles, and thus their role in sabotaging denied. On a court process, but be sure to wait until today. But that’s not all.

2019 came out she was in young age pregnant through rape and output. With this insight into your past, Judd wants to highlight the importance of the current struggle for easier access to information about abortion have to .

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