Anthony Mackie

Until his breakthrough, Anthony Mackie stand stage theatre and made a piece with canvas in addition to roles, a name

Anthony Mackie

  • Born 23. September 1978 , New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • First Name Anthony
  • Name Mackie
  • Forty one
  • Size 1.78 m
  • Zodiac Virgo
  • Partner Sheletta Chapital (married)
  • Children 3 Children

Not everyone knows that

Actually, Anthony wanted to be an engineer, but chose to try acting. The reasons for his decision were very simple: "To an engineer, the women are not behind the race ."

Anthony’s father fell in New Orleans, hurricane Katrina, deadly to the victim.

He loves skydiving.

After graduation, Anthony worked as a bartender and he loved it: "I’ve always wanted to stand behind the counter, because I love to listen to people and hear how terrible your life is."

Biography of Anthony Mackie

Anthony Mackie has worked on very slowly and unnoticed at first in Hollywood to the top. Has begun that stage of his career as an actor on various Broadway and Off-Broadway, where he was for many years successfully as a theatre actor working. After all, he is a graduate of the prestigious New York "Juilliard School" – then anyone can.

Film debut at the side of Eminem in "8 Mile"

His film debut Anthony Mackie were at the age of 24 years, as Eminem’s Nemesis, Papa Doc "8 Mile". Two years later, he was in his role as a misunderstood homosexual in the Independent Strip "Brother to Brother" so compelling that Hollywood was on the hopeful young actor to the attention of him to his first doors for smaller roles in successful films opened. Grateful for the opportunity and claim to do his Job as good as possible, played Anthony Mackie, alongside Denzel Washington in "The Manchurian Candidate", in the Oscar-winning Drama "Million Dollar Baby" by and with Clint Eastwood and on the side of Hollywoodbeau Ryan Gosling in "Half Nelson".

Robert Downey Jr.

With cool Dance Moves as he celebrates his new Film

Breakthrough with the Oscar-winning "The Hurt Locker – The Hurt Locker"

The big breakthrough followed in 2008, after Anthony had to come up with a few years of patience: In the anti-war film "The Hurt Locker – The Hurt Locker", the casts a critical eye on the war in Iraq and, among other things, the Oscar for the best Film was awarded, we see Anthony as a Sergeant. His performance was so convincing that he reaped several awards and a Nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award had to look forward to .

Entry into the Marvel Comic universe

How versatile he is, proves to Anthony again and again. Serious roles are good for him to face, but he can also be funny, as he was with the Action-Comedy "Pain + Gain" showed. Since 2014, he has entered into the Marvel Comic universe. In the role of Samuel Wilson/Falcon, he in excited "The Return of The First Avenger", "Avengers: Age of Ultron", "Ant-Man", "The First Avenger: Civil War" as well as "Avengers: Infinity Was" the comic book fans, and will make in the future in other films of the series, without question, a good figure .

Anthony Mackie can be a worse Finger

However, the pure clean man, as it seems at first glance, is Anthony Mackie, but then . In 2010, he was arrested by the police in Harlem, New York, because he was caught under the influence of drugs at the wheel . What a bad example Daddy at the time, he should not tell his three children better. But certainly it has its time Girlfriend and today’s wife Sheletta Chapital a lecture is held, so that he makes in the future with his exceptional acting performance, and not with a damaged Gossip headlines .

Anthony Mackie in "Altered Carbon – The Immortality Program"

A new Chance to prove himself, the talented actor if he is to be seen in one of the most successful and most expensive Netflix shows to. In the second season of the Cyberpunk Science Fiction Television Series "Altered Carbon – The Immortality Program" replaces Anthony Mackie, the former main cast members Joel Kinnaman and take the role of Takeshi Kovacs. The basic idea of the Show is that people in the future can save her consciousness and soul, digital and on a different body to transfer, allows the creators "Altered Carbon – The Immortality Program" to come to the exchange of your main cast without difficulty explaining. And we are sure that Anthony Mackie is also called Takeshi Kovacs is a good figure .

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