Andrea Kiewel

Performance swimmer, teacher, popular TV woman – Andrea Kiewel has already experienced a lot and knows the shadow, and is just as good as the Sunny side of life.

Andrea Kiewel

  • Born 10. June 1965 , East Berlin
  • First Name Andrea
  • Name Kiewel , born as Andrea Mathyssek
  • Years 54
  • Size 1.78 m
  • Zodiac Gemini
  • Partner Theo Naumann (divorced, 2004-2009) ; Geritt Brinkhaus (divorced, 1999-2001)
  • Children Of Johnny Moritz (*2001) ; Max (*1986)

Not everyone knows that

No luck in love: Kiwi was already married three Times – all three marriages failed.

In 2006, Andrea Kiewels book appeared "Mom, you’re not the best always". Since 2005, she is also a columnist for the magazine Super-Illu.

Facebook, Instagram and co.? Nothing for Andrea Kiewel. It comes with the hatred in the social media, it is not clear, and even the positive comments, do not be happy right, because you can’t deal with compliments .

Biography of Andrea Kiewel

Andrea "Kiwi" Kiewel and her "ZDF television garden" real are perennial in the German television. Since 2000, with a brief interruption from 2007 to 2009, moderated by the sympathetic and lively TV woman in the Sunday Live Show directly from the lerchenberg in Mainz. In front of the camera Kiwi sprayed always in a good mood, but the native Berliner knows about the shadow sides of life.

Performance Swimmer, Teacher, Television Presenter

Prior to her career in television, Andrea Kiewel was first a competitive swimmer. As a student, she attended the children and Youth sports school, Werner soul binder in Berlin-Alt-hohenschönhausen. Her best individual result was the sixth place in the 50-Meter Championships-free style in the GDR. After school she studied sports and English to become a teacher and then worked for several years as a Teacher in Hellersdorf.

TV-scandal at the ZDF television garden

Luke Mockridge makes a monkey out of you

Her career in the entertainment business, Andrea Kiewel the times of the GDR to the channel of German television broadcasting, where she hosted several Shows began. After the turn of Kiwi was for The face of the "Sat.1-Breakfast television", In 2000, she took over the Moderation of the popular "ZDF television garden".

The "TV garden"-Forced break

In 2007, it was tight for Andrea Kiewel. Allegations, you would Weight Watchers Surreptitious Advertising make were loud. Initially, the TV woman rode everything, later she was guilty and full of remorse. The ZDF broke the contract and distanced himself from Kiewel. In the meantime, she has rehabilitated and pause, after two years of forced since 2009 for the "ZDF television garden" in front of the camera.

Kiwi goes to its limits

Just as well, because a "TV garden" without our Kiwi is no longer actually possible. In addition, she loves her Job in front of a camera. So much So that it sometimes goes over their limits . A few years ago she suffered two Hörstürze in a row. "Everything came together. I also worked a lot, didn’t care to make time to take a break. I was constantly cold, and then it went in the ear." And also an Interview of 2018 had a deep look of how strenuous the Moderation of a Live broadcast must be . "About an hour after that, I’m really very tired, almost exhausted. To me, all the muscles hurt, like after a marathon." But in the meantime, Kiwi pays more attention to and balances the stresses of the day with sports. Not only hope that they will take back .

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