Alvaro de Miranda Neto

Alvaro de Miranda Neto

The life of show jumping rider Alvaro de Miranda Neto turns has always been only to horses – in 2003, the famous heiress Athina Onassis came into his life.

Alvaro de Miranda Neto

Alvaro de Miranda Neto

  • Born 5. February 1973 , Sao Paolo / Brazil
  • First Name Alvaro Affonso
  • Name de Miranda Neto
  • Forty seven
  • Size 1.87 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aquarius
  • Partner Athina Onassis (divorced) ; Cibele Dorsa (separated)
  • Children Of Viviane (*2000)

Not everyone knows that

All of the name Álvaro "Doda" from Athina, through friends, to the press. Where the nickname came from, however, is unclear.

At the wedding of the two was supposed to occur Jennifer Lopez for a fee of $ 1.5 million. However, álvaro’s father, the industrialist Ricardo Miranda, dismissed the rumors as false: "A Show by Jennifer Lopez is not Athinas taste. She is a private Person."

Álvaro has fulfilled a dream and the host of "Athina Onassis International Horse Show", a 800.00 doped jumping tournament in Sao Paulo. The tournament has extra Athinas name, so it is gaining credibility .

Shortly before the Ceremony, the Athina Onassis, the nerves of the groom were apparently quite blank: With his all-terrain vehicle he rammed the car of a Paparazzos Marcelo Liso, who was getting too close. This said then: "He was angry and destroyed our car. View I want him but not because he was certainly very nervous.

The engagement received "Doda" of his Athina 320.000 Dollar and award-winning brood cow "Esperanca". Already Athinas uncle kept cows and played them classical music, in order to improve the quality of the milk .

His best friend, Rodrigo Pessoa, also a spring rider and team-mate is. Be made trained both of Nelson Pessoa, father of Rodrigo, Álvaro also with Athina known .

According to the Brazilian women’s press, Álvaro count de Miranda Neto of the 50 most beautiful men of Brazil.

At the beginning of may 2008 Álvaro de Miranda Neto in crashed "CHIO Aachen", one of the largest and most important spring sporting events in the world, so hard that he was hospitalized. Fortunately, he pulled "only" a heavy compression of the ankle to.

The ex-wife of Alvaro, Sibele Dorsa, took the 2011 the life. The reason is that the separation from their children. Her son, Fernando, brought to you from a previous partnership in the marriage, your ex-husband Álvaro, and Viviane, the daughter of the actress and the show jumping rider, lived for some time with him and his wife Athina.

Biography of Alvaro de Miranda Neto

Until a few years ago, Álvaro de Miranda Neto was the only diehard equestrian fans known. Already as a small Boy, moved to the Brazilians in the horse stable. His high school, he was whizzing and switched instead to a career in professional show jumping riders. Since then, he travels from tournament to tournament and could win at the Olympic Games in 1996 and 2000 with the Brazilian team already Bronze. However, since the 3. December 2005 knows him almost the whole world. The reason is that On this day he married the most girl on this earth, Athina Onassis, the granddaughter and heiress of the shipping billionaire Aristotle Onassis.

The getting to Know Alvaro and Athina

Met had trained them for two years before in a riding center in Belgium, where Álvaro. Also, Athina, herself a passionate Horsewoman, was on-site to improve your riding skills – your school in Switzerland, had you aborted. As the two met for the first time, was Álvaro still married to the Brazilian actress Sibele Dorsa, with whom he has a daughter named Viviane .

Ex-husband Doda married TV presenter

The opponents of the pair

But the love of the two took its course and only two years later, the wedding bells rang. Evil tongues claimed that the Brazilian would marry twelve years younger than Athina only because of your money. The loudest of these voices lifted up his ex-wife. But also Thierry Roussel, Athinas father, was not at all pleased about the marriage of his daughter and stayed away from the wedding. But Alvaro was in his love and not be verkündetet loudly: "Every man who approaches Athina, is suspected to be interested in only your money, with the exception of Bill Gates. I love them because of their simplicity."

The strict wedding of Love

The wedding of the two looked anything but simple: 700 guests invited to the Couple in the Brazilian national Park "Fundacao Maria Luiza e Oscar Americano" a, around 400 private security employees. Each guest received a badge with a photo as well as a scannable Code and was with a metal detector searches. Cameras were strictly prohibited. The expected international Jetset remained of the Celebration, however, and the members of the Onassis Foundation had Athina due to long-lasting disputes in the first invited. Although no Details about the ceremony and only a blurry photo got to the Public, it is known that Álvaro has signed prior to the Marriage, a prenup, in the case of a divorce, separation of property was agreed .

The common life of the couple

Since the pompous wedding celebration of the Couple lives withdrawn rather. If the two are not just of a spring tournament to the next, you spend your time either in your Apartment in Brussels or in their luxurious Penthouse in Sao Paulo. Athina has developed itself to a successful show jumper – in 2004, she was offered a place in the Greek Olympic team. And if you are not sitting by yourself in the saddle, cheering along with her husband from the stands. Or the two breed and train horses, and since 2010 they have said, because the company "AD Sport Horses", have you moved on to your estate in the Netherlands. The "A" the stands for the first letter of your first name, "D" for the first letter of his nickname, "Doda".

The Separation

Whether the combination of professional collaboration and private common life was then, but at some point, too much? Athina and Alvaro wouldn’t be the first Couple who succumbed to this curse . Anyway, the show jumping riders confirmed in may 2016 to the online edition of the Brazilian magazine "Epoca" the separation of the glamour couple. Temporarily, at least. The Brazilian made clear that he regards this marriage as a done. He wants to fight, so the same report with a quote: ""We are really in a storm, but I’m not going to give up my love. It is not easy and we will fight until the end ."

One wants to hope that so a picture can be followed by book of love a picture book at the end of .

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