Alice Black

Regardless of what one thinks of Alice Schwarzer, even now, the feminist can look back on an exciting life

Alice Black

  • Born 3. December 1942 , Wuppertal / Germany
  • First Name Alice Sophie
  • Name Black
  • Years 77
  • Size 1.7 m
  • Zodiac Sagittarius
  • Partner Waltraud Schade (separated)

Not everyone knows that

Alice Black is not afraid of no conflicts and said out loud her opinion. A prominent victim: the former Minister of family Affairs Kristina Schröder. This had accused Black man, to want to women in a certain role constraints. The answer came promptly in the Form of a scathing open letter.

Also in legal disputes in the house of Black are not uncommon. Your ex-girlfriend and author Waltraud Schade wanted 2015 is the autobiographical book "Tango with Alice" publish, Black went against it. A year later, the spectacle repeated itself with Schade’s new book "Black Tango: memories of Alice Black".

At the beginning of the 70s became Black friends in Paris with Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre. With Simone de Beauvoir in the coming years, a number of Interviews, the later as a book "Alice Schwarzer/Simone de Beauvoir: Companions in conversation" published.

Over Schwarzer’s private life is not very much known. But we know that they had 14 of their first kiss, and with 24 in Paris her first love, Bruno met. After that, it was more to do with women .

Biography of Alice Schwarzer

The journalist, publicist, entrepreneur and feminist, Alice Schwarzer is certainly one of the most controversial figures in Germany. She says what she thinks, and she does it loud. Anyone who invites you in a talk show, know that it is going to. Five of the six German Alice Schwarzer, but what has made her into the woman she is today ?

How it all began

Born Black in 1942, as a child born out of wedlock in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Wuppertal. She grew up with her grandparents, whom she called Mama and Papa. To their mother, however, she more of a sister relationship. In the house of Black it was already very political and liberal, the worst swear word in the family was "stuffy".

"My belly belongs to me"

After school, Alice worked Black a few years in the commercial area, a marriage, your office life was too boring. At the beginning of the 60s she went for two years to Paris, learned the language, gained a bunch of experience and enjoyed the French way of life. Back in Germany, she came for the first Time with the journalism in contact, made a traineeship at a newspaper and worked as a reporter. But apparently, it had Paris and sustainably done, and so the young Alice moved it to the beginning of the 70s back in the French metropolis. There she was a correspondent, studied sociology and psychology and came for the first Time with the French women’s movement in contact with. Driven by the efforts of the French women, to legalize abortions, imported Black this call to Germany. Together with other women made them the Motto of "My belly belongs to me" against the then very restrictive abortion legislation, of the section 218 of the mobile.

The birth of the "Emma"

Now Alice was put Black in the focus of the Public and published in the mid-70s her first book "The small difference and its big consequences". Their dream was to combine journalism with feminism, the realized Black the end of the 70s with the first edition "Emma". Until today it is, with a short interruption, publisher and editor-in-chief of the feminist, independent magazine.

Alice Schwarzer in the criticism

According to a survey almost 70% of Germans find that Alice Schwarzer, have done much for the women. Certainly, there is something to it, and yet one gets the impression that they remained a little in the feminism of the 70s hanging. Feminists of the new Generation of the views of the woman in Black neatly against the dash. And also with their collaboration with the IMAGE you did yourself no favors. Once you criticized the sheet, before she asked in 2007 for a Image campaign of the tabloid newspaper available. Also in 2010, she worked with her reporting from the tile man-process for the Axel Springer Verlag. But most of all, public hostility had to let Black go through, as 2014 came to light that they had decades of tax evasion. You had to pay 200,000 euros in taxes, was sentenced to a fine and is considered to be a record. In terms of feminism woman would want Black in any case, that it occurs more in the dialogue with the new feminists, the time is not yet your quite a considerable life’s work and power in the last meters even broken .

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