Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin with made after a personal crisis "30 Rock" an impressive Comeback

Alec Baldwin

  • Born 3. April 1958 , Amityville, New York, USA
  • First Name Alexander Rae
  • Name Baldwin
  • Years 62
  • Size 1.83 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Partner Hilaria Baldwin (married) ; Kim Basinger (divorced) ; Janine Turner
  • Children Of Ireland (*1995) ; Carmen (*2013) ; Rafael (*2015) ; Leonardo (*2016) ; Romeo Alejandro David (*2018)

Not everyone knows that

Prior to his training as an actor, Alec Baldwin, political science, studied .

Alec’s daughter Ireland Baldwin is a successful Model.

Alec Baldwin has five siblings: His brothers, Stephen Baldwin, William Baldwin and Daniel Baldwin are also actors. His sisters, Jane Sasso and Elizabeth Keuchler have with the film business, however, nothing in the hat.

In spite of the terrible rose war Alec says Baldwin, Kim Basinger: "Kim is one of the most beautiful women that ever lived, and even [our] divorce can cloud my view ."

During her marriage to Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin 11 dogs, seven cats and a Wolf had .

Alec Baldwin has a sense of Humor: He spoke of his own figure in the "Simpsons" personally.

Biography of Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin was the art of acting is always more important than commercial success. The actor learned his craft at the famous "Lee Straßberg Institute" in New York. Then it was more important to play than to take in the film Mecca of Hollywood by foot, even if he already by the way, again and again in films.

Broadway instead of Hollywood

Alec Baldwin starred in successful Hollywood Film "Hunt for red October" the role of the "Jack Ryan" so convincing that the producers wanted to design a film series with his character. However, the actor, the lucrative offer from beat, because he wanted to stand on the stage. The character was then played by Harrison Ford. However, the movie business wouldn’t let him: He played alongside his theatre Engagements on Broadway and in numerous films .

Who’s around here,, so stylish ?

Hilaria Baldwin sportelt more

With this Trick keeps you in a state of crisis fit

Touching message to her dead daughter

Relationship with Kim Basinger

In 1991, he turned along with Kim Basinger in the movie "The blonde temptation". In the Comedy film the two Hollywood Stars, played a Few. It crackled between the main actors, however, only in front of the camera. The actors were kissing even after the filming and were married in 1993. Two years later, they crowned their love with the birth of their daughter Ireland.

The bitter war of the roses

But the happiness of the little family would not last forever: in 2002, Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin divorce, which resulted in a year-long war of the roses. Alec Baldwin fought tirelessly in court for joint custody. Numerous processes have swallowed up several million dollars. In 2007, it came to escalation: the actor berated his then eleven-year-old daughter in a voice message as a "naughty, reckless little pig", since you had cancelled a Meeting with your father. The verbal derailment of the Hollywood Stars went through, all the gossip columns. Alec Baldwin apologized then publicly for his outburst and admitted to be due to the bitter custody battle, a nervous wreck. In 2008, he should have even thought of suicide .

Comeback with "30 Rock"

But instead of throwing in the towel, drew the Ex-husband of Kim Basinger with work. From 2006 to 2013, he shone as a narcissistic Boss of Tina Fey in the Comedy series "30 Rock". For the role of the "Jack Donaghy" received many prices .

Second marriage – hopefully for always?

According to the professional success and personal happiness came back: in 2012, he married the 26 year younger yoga teacher Hilaria Thomas . A year later, the wife of Alec Baldwin brought daughter Carmen Gabriel to the world. In 2015 and 2016, came with the sons of son, Rafael, Thomas, and Leonardo Ángel Charles male enhancement into the house. Alec Baldwin can enjoy on the second attempt and now, finally, be family happiness velvet children and a functioning marriage .

Baldwin to U.S. President Trump

And even professional Alec Baldwin is back in business. In addition to numerous feature films and documentaries, he is since back in 2016 for the legendary Show "Saturday Night Live" returned. There, he parodied US President, Donald Trump, and so well, that a Dominican newspaper, a photo of Baldwin in disguise at the beginning of 2017 in addition to a reputable article about Donald Trump as a Trump, depicted a. Well, if the time does not mean that Alec Baldwin is doing a good Job. How funny he can be, he has, finally, been a long time ago "30 Rock" proven.

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