Adoption from Haiti during corona crisis Can bring a family Huber Pamela to Germany?

Pamela is stuck in the orphanage in Haiti

Despite Corona: Can Huber family to pick up their adopted daughter to Germany ?

26. May 2020 – At 14:51

Huber family wants to adopt the little Pamela from Haiti

Seven years ago, the Huber family has adopted already Amos from Kenya. Now the little Pamela to make the family complete: The nearly three-year-old lives in a children’s home in Haiti and should arrive in March and to the Hubers to Germany. Then, the Corona-the crisis came – and all flights have been cancelled. For the Hubers weeks of agonizing waiting, and a great deal of uncertainty about how it goes with Adoption now. However, together with the adoption Agency "Help-a-Child e. V." and other parents are you forging a Plan to be able to Pamela and the other orphans are finally in your new home to Germany. As the outcome of this fight at the end, we show in the Video.

Directly after the approval of the Coronavirus comes

In August of last year, the Hubers have met in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, Pamela. That’s where the little girl lives together with 80 other children in the children’s home "House of angels". You decide to adopt Pamela. However, your request must first go all the way through the courts .

After months of waiting the good news – at the worst possible time: "We have on 11. March get told that we can look for flights. And on 13. March came Corona", told Katja Huber in the RTL Interview. The helplessness begins, because the family has no way to fly to Haiti to Pamela to pick up. However, the Hubers don’t want to give up and fight for it, to be able to the girl somehow still go to Germany, get .

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